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Restoring Smiles to Beauty and Function

A New Look with Dental Implants

If you have one or more missing teeth, everyday activities like eating and talking may be difficult. You may struggle with feeling confident and attractive. For patients in this situation, dental implants often provide the new look and improved function they’ve been missing without teeth. Dental implants are permanent, secured into the jawbone with screw-like posts. Onto these posts, our skilled dentist can attach custom-made dental implant restorations in East Lyme, CT. These restorations are comparable to natural teeth, providing nearly the same level of function for proper eating and looking beautifully life-like when you smile.

Our dentist has years of experience in restorative dentistry and are passionate about improving their patients’ smiles and confidence with custom restorations! We can help you restore a life of health, function, and self-esteem with our personalized dental implant restorations—sometimes in as little as one visit to our office.

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Custom-Designed Restorations

Your dental implant restorations are hand-crafted to provide the most natural and stunning results, no matter how many teeth you’re missing. We partner with an experienced implant specialist who will place your dental implant(s). Then, guided by our restorative dentistry expertise and advanced technology, we begin the process of creating your new tooth or teeth. We precision plan your new restorations with high-resolution images of your remaining teeth. Next, we’ll work with you to design your new smile to meet your aesthetic desires and ensure each tooth is properly sized and color-matched to blend seamlessly.

This process begins with impressions of your smile that capture the location of your dental implant(s) and surrounding teeth. Then, your dental crown or bridge will be hand-crafted by a skilled dental lab technician. If you’ve received full arch dental implants, we partner with a dedicated lab that provides custom-made full mouth dental bridges, which we permanently fix to four or more dental implants. Once secured to your dental implants, these restorations will look and feel real, with the strength and durability to function properly for years to come!

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Benefiting from Our Custom Restorations

  • Hand-crafted from high-quality materials
  • Designed to fit your unique smile goals
  • Created to blend seamlessly with other teeth
  • Digital dentistry for precision, custom results
  • A smile restored to full aesthetics and function

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