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Our goal is to provide the highest quality dental care for individuals and families in our community. But we want to ensure that this personalized family dentistry is affordable, too. Our team works diligently to help each of our patients receive the oral health care they need at a price that fits within their budget. Along with accepting major credit cards, cash, and check for payments, we partner with a select number of dental insurance companies including Anthem and Delta Dental and provide CareCredit® dental financing in East Lyme, CT. With these resources, you can rest assured knowing that high-quality dentistry for you and your family is within reach.

CareCredit®: Affordable Care Starting Today

CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that helps make dental treatment more affordable. One of the most popular third-party dental financing options, CareCredit can be used to pay for elective treatments and procedures not covered by dental insurance. Using a CareCredit card, patients can qualify for short-term and interest-free payment plans for a select number of months. For longer-term plans for more costly treatments, CareCredit offers affordable fixed monthly payments and competitive interest rates. CareCredit also provides instant approval for most patients and requires no activation fee for approved clients, allowing them to receive the treatment they need right now without worrying about the cost.

Promoting Healthy Smiles for Life

When you regularly visit our office for examinations and hygiene cleanings, you’re getting more than a sparkly clean smile. We’ll have the opportunity to check the health of your oral structures, screen for oral cancer, and ensure your smile is at its healthiest. And if not, we’ll be able to provide timely and targeted treatment to get you back on track quickly. With ongoing dental care and good at-home oral hygiene habits, you have the potential to experience a healthy smile for life—and the potential to maintain better physical health, too! Start by contacting our experienced dentists to learn more about our dental insurance and dental financing options.

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